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av CL Anderson · 2016 — appendixes are designated by the following abbreviations: DN. Dagens In addition, Henrik Schück and Karl Warburg, Svensk litteraturhisto- ria, VIII (by Erik Hj. Further information · Cookie Consent plugin ENA abbreviation of École nationale d'administration. ENA O.S. abbreviation of ouvrier(-ière) spécialisé(e). O.S.. abbreviated SSM) on July 1st, 2008 replaced the two previous authorities SKI 2003:14 Commercial Satellite Data as a Support to the Additional Protocol  It is an extensive Abbreviation Dictionary with thematic classification of about 400 Entries (Chapters). The book also includes an additional section titled  Add more abbreviations to the structure line by positioning the cursor in an empty field and clicking the button of the appropriate abbreviation.

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Other shorthands for additional are: ADD, ADDL, ADDN, ADL, ADDNL, addt, a, Add, DNA, À What does addtl mean? - Definition of addtl - addtl stands for additional. The main ways to abbreviate the word additional are: Add’l. Addt’l. Add. While all three abbreviations seem similar enough that you might think that one is correct and the other two are typos, that definitely isn’t the fact.

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Related words. used for introducing some additional information at the end of a letter after you have Additional definition, added; more; supplementary: additional information. See more. b) that allocation of more than one abbreviation to the same signification should be avoided even though a different use is prescribed; c) that abbreviations should make use of the root word or words and should be derived from words common to the Additional definition is - more than is usual or expected : added.

Additional abbreviation

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Additional abbreviation

24 . bitur abbreviate for ga , metri caussa , Forbup , n .

Additional abbreviation

29 Categories. Medical. Pathology. Business. Construction. additional can be abbreviated as addtl.
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ADD. More or Less. +/- or M/L. Adjacent. ADJ. North. N. Along. ALG. Northeast.

Here are some content topics, along with standard abbreviation commonly used for that topic: Military writing uses add.
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Correction. For additional information and tables from Neil Davis (MedAbbrev.com) containing additional examples of abbreviations with contradictory or ambiguous meanings, please click here. B. Breast, brain, or bladder.

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academia, academy, academic(al) acc. according (to) acc. accusative: Acc. Abbreviations in letters and correspondence - thesaurus.